A UK tour

I have been spending some time in the last couple months in the UK, primarily on family business. But this has given me time to take some pictures of the places that I have been visiting, and get them uploaded onto the website.

The tour began on Scotland's west coast at Ayr, and the pictures from that stay are at -

The Harbourside at Dunure

From here I moved south into England to stay with my daughter, and I spent a morning just going around the village where she lives and taking pictures of the sights that are Barlborough -

The village were my daughter lives is very close to Chesterfield, famous for the 'crooked spire' on the church in the middle of the town, and so, I couldn't let the closeness of this town to pass by without taking a series of pictures, which I then brought back and did some enhancement on, and the results are at -


And now I am back in Spain, and preparing to take more pictures during the summer. Currently the temperature outside is well over 80 degrees F, and the sky is blue & cloudless.

More pictures then to come in the next days & weeks.

If you want to know anymore about my work, please do email me on -

Until the next time .....