Launch of mobile studio facilities

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We have recently taken delivery of our new mobile studio equipment, and so now we are able to come to you, or set up a studio just where you want it (within reason!).

The equipment includes - 1250W Continuous Lighting Kit with 2m x 6m Double Sided Vinyl and Support Stand. More specifically, there are 2 x 70cm x 50cm softboxes with inner and outer diffusers; 2 x lamps holders with 125W daylight bulbs (5400K colour temperature)- equivalent to 625W light output per lamp.

In addition there is a background stand with 2m x 6m Double Sided Black and White Vinyl, and we hope to add other backgrounds soon.

Commenting on this new addition, Adrian Wilkinson said - "We are excited by this new facility that we are able to offer, and look forward to working with new & existing clients"

For more information or to book a mobile studio sesssion, email: